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 Lemnos is a wine-producer island and the fame of its wines has spread all over the world.  With the wonderful view of the port of Myrina, the pure taste of tradition is joined with tranquility and relaxation in Dionysus island.

 Uniqueness of the type of Alexandrian Muscat that is the golden fruit for hundreds of vine growers.

Linear and well cared vines according to the European standards, cover 6.500 acres on the island, while the small production of 700 kilos per acre (since no fertilizers and amplifiers are used) ensures the best quality of first material and wine.


   Lemnos island has a special tradition in cheese production. These are very famous all over Greece for their quality and unique taste. Kalathaki and Melichloro are the most common.

   Kalathaki is a traditional white brine cheese with Protecting Origin Name. For the production sheep's milk is mainly used while sometimes a mix of sheep and goat milk is also used, but the percentage of goat milk is not more than 30%.

The name comes from the small baskets (small basket=kalathaki in Greek), that were used as matrixes, so that the anaglyph of the baskets imprint on the cheese.

Nowadays these baskets have replaced with similar plastic baskets that stand up to time and are cleaned much more easier. Details about when and where was first made this cheese, we don't have. Is possible that the monks that lived the previous century on the island have first made it.

   Melichloro is made with sheep's milk. Basic stage of its production is the exposure, after straining, in dark place in atmosphere where the dampness is low- after May- and this results its dehydration. Level and speed of dehydration depends on the atmospheric conditions and exposure duration. When dehydration is limited, the cheese has a texture between fresh and dry- Melichloro- is used mainly as a table cheese or saganaki. Further dehydration gives dry cheese, ideal for spaghetti, that is preserved for months.

   In the last few years this cheese is produced in contemporary cheese-dairy of our island, placed in plastic bags and promote it to the market.


Lemnos island is also famous about the honey that the local producers make, with so great desire and love about their job. They can offer us only the best result.

Honey is the basic ingredient for many traditional sweets and desserts like ‘Pasteli’ which is made of honey and sesame. Tahini (sesame pasta) and honey are the ingredients for Limnos famous ‘Halvas’ a very nice dessert with no preservatives, pure and healthy and in a variety of flavours like vanilla, coco, nuts, almonds etc.

It is also said that a piece of halvas is an antidote to the hang over!  

‘Loukoumi’ is another sweet bite for people of all ages! Sugar, glucose, starch, scents and dried fruit are some of the ingredients mixed in order to make this delightful dessert that in older days was widely served with Greek coffee.

Flour of the finest quality is produced in Lemnos. From this flour "paximadia", sops and many kinds of cookies are made, able to satisfy even the most demanding consumers with their quality and taste.

Finally other famous products of island are pasta products like "Flomaria" .